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Philip Connard

'Portrait of Mrs. L. M. Anson' Oil on Board, 38x48cm.

Portrait of Mrs. L. M. Anson


Philip Connard R.A., R.W.S., N.E.A.C., N.P.S., I.S. 1875-1958

Born in Southport, Lancashire, he worked first as a house painter at the same time taking evening classes which resulted in him recieving a scholarship to the Royal College of Art to study textile design. His training as a painter began in 1898 when with the aid of a British Institution travelling scholarship he enrolled at the Atelier Julian in Paris.

On his return he worked as an illustrator for Bodley Head. From 1909 he became a regular visitor with the New English Art Club and as a result developed a close relationship with Philip Wilson Street, often accompanying him on painting excursions. He quickly established himself as both a fine landscape and portrait painter and was a founder member of the National Portrait Society.

He was invalided out of the army after the battle of the Somme and became an official war artist in the Royal Navy until 1918.

Connard had a long and distingushed career, being elected a member of the Royal Academy in 1925.