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Henri Mathy

'Still Life' Oil on Board, 42x35cm.

Still Life


Henri Mathy 1897-1978

A belgian artist, he was born in Landen and studied art at the Academy of Verviers before furthering his education in Antwerp. His studies were cut short by the outbreak of World War I with the young artist joining the army as a volunteer. His next four years would be spent in the trenches. It was during this period that he met, and was befriended by the great landscape painter Henri Houben, a chance meeting that was to pave the way for his later success as an artist. Unlike many of his contemporaries who by now were embracing expressionism, stylistically Heni Mathy still remained in the 19th Century tradition concerned with the accurate depiction of rural life. His work is renowned for its highly atmospheric quality. its subtle yet evocative colouring and technical mastery. A frequent exhibitor at numerous exhibitions throughout Belguim, he also showed in France and Germany during the 1920's.

Henri Mathy died in Brussels in 1978 but his paintings can be seen today in the provincial museums of Brabant and Hainaut as well as the city museums of Charletroi, Mons and Verviers in Belgium.