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John da Costa

'Newlyn Fisherman' Oil on Canvas, 37x40cm.

Newlyn Fisherman


John da Costa 1867-1931

An important portrait from the Newlyn School by the highly desirable portrait painter John da Costa. The painting is signed and importantly dated 1890 when Newlyn painting and painters were at the height of their influence in British art.

In 1890 a writer mentioned Stanhope Forbes' old studio and then went on 'Now it is occupied by the youngest member of the Newlyn colony, Mr. John da Costa, fresh from the Paris schooles, and barely twenty three, has yet had a picture on the line at the Grovesnor and another at the Academy'.

John da Costa was born in Teignmouth and was recognised as an artist of great potential early in his career by Frederick, Lord Leighton. He received awards at the Paris Salon in 1906 and 1907, and he was a member of the Royal Institute of Oil Painters and the Royal Society of Portrait Painters.

In 1974 a memorial exhibition was dedicated to John da Costa of paintings from the collection of Mrs. Elizabeth M. Richards at Leighton House, London.