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John Robertson Reid

'A Good Catch' Oil on Canvas, 11x17cm.

A Good Catch


John Robertson Reid 1857 - 1926

Born in Edinburgh, he studied at the Royal Scottish Academy Schools before moving to Cornwall and later to London.

He became interested in the Social Realism movement and was probably influenced by Bastien Lepage.

In 1879 his painting 'Toil and Pleasure' was hung at the Royal Academy, illustrating his debt to Lepage. That painting was purchased for the nation by the Chantrey Bequest.

George Clausen was a friend of the artist and they lived close to each other in Hampstead. Clausen was stimulated by Reid's work and had a considerable influence at this time.

Reid chose subjects of field workers and humble people and his style has a particular dynamism, influenced no doubt by the early teachings of Chalmers and McTaggart.

A good colourist, he painted a number of works of fishermen and women with rich vibrant colours as this example illustrated.

The artist knew the Glasgow Boys and influenced their early work.

He was an important and influential Scottish artist.